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Reclaim the land with this generation.

Regenerate it for the next.

We are in the early stages of raising funds and finding investors to build the first regenerative-certified farm in Southern California led by Gen Z. Please inquire to learn more about our team and business plan.

Our Values

Laurel Land Farms will be a regenerative-organic certified farm, cafe, and community center in Somis, California. Here are the values that guide us:


Diversity of plant and animal species is key to establishing resiliency and fertility. 


The principles of regenerative agriculture will bring our farm back to productive life.


Opportunities for training, research, and connection are vital to our mission.

living roots.jpeg


Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic farming approach that regenerates soil health and the full farm ecosystem.


It involves practices such as crop rotations, cover cropping, reduced tillage, and livestock integration to build soil fertility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the health of farmers and communities.


More profitable than conventional agriculture 


CO2/ac/yr sequestered under regenerative management


Estimated size of global regenerative agriculture market with 14% CAGR


Gallons of water held by every 1% increase in soil organic matter

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